Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Bacolod and Negros Public transport year ender report

Well as of now let me review to you some aspects of the public transport scenario as of 2010. well as of now there is still some dormancy among improvement of the public transport sector in the city,

bacolod traffic is still from moderate in the morning, to mid-moderate to heavy in the mid morning to noon.

Still many bacolodnons prefer the crudely styled but ravish-running RJG platform, its still a big question mark among operators why does most passengers especially in the bata route prefer this kind of jeep model,  is it design? performance? or just driver preference??

In talisay city and silay large capacity low profile jeeps are getting popular as of the moment, and such as mitatzubi are getting all the attention..

there is a flood of new jeepneys among bacolod routes and there is an expected rise of new units by next year, among many new routes having a large burst of new franchises are banago, puntataytay, alijis and mansilingan routes, franchising and many other means of acquiring a transport franchise is still very cheap although processing is quite longer, aas of now still the dominating jeepeny platform by total and by far is the 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Hyundai Porters which roughly comprise 60 to 70 percent of the total jeepney population in the city, still new units are still of these make and models

A really big leap among the the dormancy of technology of public transport in the island is the introduction of the community shuttle and the Aircon PUJ by the car rental enterprise Nyala, Their 10 units of Hyundai       H-100 shuttles and their additional 10 units of JMC JMH Shuttles in the Silay-Bacolod Route has sparked a ideas, aspirations and as a new challenge among jeepeney operators in the island,

2 of Nyala Tour's  10 units of Porter H-100  Community Shuttles

The Hyundai H-100's with the ability to pickup and drop passengers from the new airport while on the way, having a franchise to pickup passengers, has gave nyala a foothold on future systems of public transport in the island

One of 10 units of Nyala Tour's Jiangling-JMC  JMH Compadre PUJ Shuttles 
Although many are still very silent about nyala's move in the inter city route, it has sparked a challenge to many  mid-class operators to find a way to level with nyala, but most are still words from the mouth..

Inside a Nyala H-100 Porter Shuttle

It is still unknown what particular way shall there be an improvement in the negros public transport sector, but with shuttles and similar vehicles penetrating this sector there is hope in improvement in the island,

being a mid sized city and growing by the moment bacolod must find a way to control itself from becoming like manila.. and I don't have any idea how the bacolod city government is doing with city planning

Still, passengers will have to be content of the daily grind of traffic, moderate pollution and crampness of old bacolod jeeps, one way or another well hope to see more improvements on jeepneys by 2011

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