Thursday, November 18, 2010

The right fare on bacolod jeepneys

Many people here in bacolod are still in a big question mark so what is the standard fare rate lately implemented by the LTFRB(land transportation franchising and regulatory board)? well there have been some price drop and increases recently in the price of petroleum products and particularly automotive diesel fuel,
recent prices of  automotive diesel is around 39 to 38 pesos respectively depending on the oil company they fill up their tanks, once more the rising cost of  parts and maintenance are also some of the big reasons out there that you must try to help out
the recent fare matrix for the visayas especially here in bacolod include:
(fare for regular passengers)
5 kms - 7 pesos
6 kms - 10.50 pesos
7 kms - 12 pesos
8 kms - 13.50 pesos
9 kms - 15 pesos
10 kms - 16.50 pesos

remember students still have that 25% discount together with the lolas and lolos

you schoolgirls must remember if your student and for those if you "feel" your still a student
remember a 3-4km distance you should pay a minimum of 5 pesos and 4 km to 5 km distance you must pay a minimum of 6 pesos.

for half fare you must pay a minimum of 4 pesos if your distance is around 1-2 kms. for the little ones (yagits as I affectionately call them) must pay a minimum of 3 pesos for this..

well this fare may fluctuate time to time depending on the prices of diesel and petroleum products but remember the minimum fare for every jeep irregardless of their route and make and type is 7 pesos for regular passengers and 6 pesos for students and seniors.. hope it helps out comrades! have a good day!

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