Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nyala Tours releases the Silay Aircon Commuter jeepney

The latest addition to the Nyala Tours commuter transport system, the JMC JX104 FB cab better known as the "JMH", 18-24 seater, and same fare as the original Nyala Commuter Shuttles..

Nyala's first attempt using the H100 porter became sucessful but after an experience with overlfowing passengers, they decided to find a real alternative..

Nyala tours and transport is one of Negros's prime car rental and services which today serves a large number of car rental and shuttle services from the Bacolod-Silay Airport and many locations in Bacolod and the negros island, just a week ago, the management of Nyala decided to upgraded the community shuttle fleet with a more capable jeepeney shuttle vehicle,

The Nyala Aircon jeep looks similar to this model except it has routes stickered to its side,  the maximu capacity is around 2 fold of their H100 porter shuttles,  the fare on these units also are around the same price of their H100 Porters, mainly an additional 1 or 2 pesos from the standard jeepney fare..

Meet the Commuter Aircon Jeepeney also now known as the Silay Aircon Jeep, the Nyala Aircon Jeep is based on the JMC JMH FB cab locally by the trademark "JMC Compadre" it is built by Dreamco Motors Inc in Laguna,  these were acquired with the help of PO's Marketing inc. auto sales which is the official dealer of JMC automobiles in bacolod.

when it comes to air conditioning, the JMH has same capability as that similar to other FB type trucks, all its features and amenities are similar to the commuter shuttle but has more comfortable seats and larger capacity. 

“JMC COMPADRE” series of light trucks are imported in Knocked Down (KD) form by DREAMCO Automobile Company Inc. These are then assembled at its facility in Laguna Technopark, utilizing highly skilled Filipino technicians under strict ISO9001 quality system standards.

Local assembly of the “JMC COMPADRE” series light trucks assures local customers of the same, high-quality workmanship as the popular Japanese light commercial vehicles being assembled side-by-side in the same plant.

DREAMCO is a member of the Truck Manufacturer Association (TMA) and is registered with the Board of Investments (BOI) under the Motor Vehicle Development Program (MVDP). DREAMCO is a 100% Filipino-owned corporation, run by a professional group which has been in the automotive business for more than 50 years.

Nyala Tours may also look into the future of adding more units to their silay bacolod shuttle route which one way or another, use other korean or chinese-based commercial vehicle platform which may include JAC and Foton trucks..

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