Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Foton Tornado 3.5

Some Specs and Opinions on the Tornado 3.5
Well as for 2012, foton has released a more updated version of the Tornado 3.5, technically known as the Ollin 3500 in China, it is considered a good replacement platform if you opt to upgrade your old canter with newer and cheap replacement, considering its a clone of the 3.5T elf, its performance and power ratings have been equalled to that of the elf 3.5, but if you find the Tornado 35 too cheap for you to judge between performance ratings with the elf, its up to you..

As i've interviewed the owner of this roadstar midi they are using a foton tornado 35 platform which they said have met their expectations,  it has delivered all the requirements they wanted from a vehicle in its class, 

The Tornado 35 has a Longitudinal Elliptic leaf Spring and non-independent suspension, its wheels are suspended on Hydraulic dual acting telescopic shock absorbers and supported by Longitudinal elliptical leaf spring which is of a non-independent suspension with auxiliary leaf spring. the front uses   Hydraulic dual acting telescopic shock absorbers, the chassis are built on rigid class carbon tensile steel.


The Foton Tornado uses a cloned Isuzu 4BD1T The 4BD1T is a turbocharged version of the 4.0 L 4BD1, it was produced from 1980 and was fitted to Isuzu NPR trucks from 1986 and sold in the US. Approx 135PS peak torque is 330Nm at 1800rpm, also use in jeepneys in Batangas, its able to bring the tornado 35 to an approx. maximum speed of 180kph on its high and low transmission.

Steering brake en all..

The Tornado 35 features drum type brakes front and back which gives it a more reliable braking service in all road conditions, meaning less prone to problems encountered with disc type brakes, it seems foton have considered using the time tested technology of drum brakes because of some cons.. well steering the tornado 35 is  a Mechanical Recirculating Ball type steering gear which can help ease out the problems of rack and pinion types, 


the interior of the tornado 35 boasts of an all artificial leather interior seats and antibiotic plastics et all.. 

The Base price for a chassis cab tornado 3.5 is around P400.000 plus insurance and registration and a 2-5 year warranty on parts and service, as to an aluminum van model of P688K, considering installation of a passenger compartment is around P50K to P30K,  take it as a gurantee roll.. it seems a good sacrifice to get more attention.. 

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