Monday, August 9, 2010

Bacolod Jeepney operations during the rainy season

A San Jose jeepney with both of its passenger canopies deployed notice it offers satisfactory  protection from the rain..

 hello and welcome back comrades its the monsoon season once again here and bacolod and the city never stops itself from it.. so how do jeepneys in bacolod protect their passengers from the rain and keep them possibly dry upon reaching their destination..

here is how a trapal or rain canopy is installed and deployed notice it forms a satisfactory gap seal by means of mechanical sealing by rotating latches which is operated outside on the opposite side.

Plastic canopies better known as "trapals" (tra-pals) are used, they are installed on the jeeps prior to its operations and first trip, this are installed in the passenger areas and offer practical protection from getting wet from the rain..

the bad thing about when inside a jeep with its rain canopies deployed is the tendency of reduction of breathable air within the jeep itself , combined with a very unsatisfactory engine maintenance the engine itself may contribute to the pollution and staling of air in the passenger area, because the air cannot go nowhere, the air inside will become very polluted with the combination of engine exhaust, and CO2, carbon mox and deadly gases this sometimes causes some people to feel dizzy and or experience nausea. this some factors also includes onset of flu which can be further accelerated at its rate because the body is deprived of some essential elements which to point  out fresh air.. 

a rear trapal used to protect passengers at the back from rainfall.
well I hope you have some aspects of travel in the monsoon season via jeeps in bacolod...

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