Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cagayan de Oro Jeepney designs

Let's take a look at some designs of jeepeneys around the island.. this time fro Cagayan De Oro..

Here's something that we illongo's won't find a while and a while from around town.. so as a thriller post to make some of you want to rethink your jeepney's design lets take a look at jeeps from the automobile capital of mindanao, Cagayan De Oro...

 Meet the Cagayan de Oro Jeepney.. one of the most outrageous jeepney designs seen around the islands, this fabrications are now getting popular in cagayan de oro and some parts of northern mindanao.

What makes this jeeps unique is their undoubtedly revolutionary designs of the front grills. as you notice this jeepneys  don't use the traditional manila-style designs which was once popular in this part of the philippines, unlike iloilo jeeps cagayan jeeps still stick to the old timer willys jeep platform but uses a more revamped and unique platform. the grills and headlights are made mostly from modern cars such as isuzu dmax, alterras, hyundai starexes and toyota IMV vehicles such as the innova.

A review in this design will be posted after a while I obtained information on this designs...

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  1. Some of the vehicles resemble the rural buses from Colombia and some Central American countries due to the engine hood resembling some of the American "big rigs".