Saturday, September 4, 2010

jeepney time attack part 2 - RJG 1PM to 3PM weekdays

This time attack trial is a continuation of the last post on the weekends time attack with a particular jeepney running about in bacolod city, well, I had no choice but to select the king of the bacolod roads the RJG; Again well this time lets get the time equivalent that you can get when riding an RJG Jeepney during 1 to 3 in the afternoon..

In order to get the elapsed times during the timing, I used my second phone a cherry q7, well anyways a handy feature of this chinese phone is its N-way stopwatch which by using cursor keys you can simultaneously get 4 readings and start and stop at any one of them anytime by pressing the corresponding cursor, so this the feature I used to crackdown the time this jeepney can strut out during the duration of 1 to 3 in the afternoon..

Again lets review the specs of this unit:
make: local
engine: Isuzu 4BF1 (RJG Standard), chrome bore lining 1800-2000cc, rotary distributor type injection pump
route: bata-libertad
acceleration-droop time: 4-5 seconds (depending on the driver's skills )
acceleration re-gain time: 3-5 seconds (depending on the driver's skills )
destination: Awing (Rizal elementary, going to ETCS and NOHS), (downtown)

Lap1: Bata Proper- Lopues mandalagan

official Lap time: 5:31:32+ 2 mins- ETA: 7:31:32

The one that ate most of the time is almost 1 to 2 minutes of waiting for passengers in front of bangga pepsi 
well most jeeps from bata always try their luck in this part of the road which is part of the main transfer arteries of passengers coming from the northern municipalities, here jeeps from Talisay, Silay, Victorias and Escalante mostly drops their passengers especially those who needs to go southbound,  

A nearly empty seat this area was suddenly, by a struck of luck was occupied by passenger after 2 minutes of waiting... just luv that wes-negros college girl  up front..

Lap 2: Lopues Mandalagan - Bangga Ramos

official Lap time: 7:57:67

At the time the jeep got here, the traffic was a bit moderate, there was a sign that the driver wants to load more passengers and that he will stay a bit longer than that on bangga pepsi, those you can see crossing the street are the ones who really came up the jeep..

well then it seems the passengers are really apprecaiting the RJG well within 2 minutes of waiting there were almost 

although the trip took a bit longer than usual it became clear to me that the jeep will arrive @ ETA 30 minutes because of the scenario that there is more passengers riding with the RJG..

Althoguh the jeepney wanted to go to overdrive; the current traffic situation would not let the driver do so, by the time we got near robinsons bacolod, 

Traffic around Robinson's Bacolod contributed largely to eating the time needed to get to downtown earlier, a small jam of cars, together with the driver yearning for more passengers took another 3 minutes in the time
 By the time the jeep got into 24th street lacson their it stood another 3 minutes more just to pickup more passengers.. and as you can see below it seems a part of the street seems clear but after that other RJG a large number of vehicles were jammed behind, the view as you can see the jeep is trying to maneuver out of a number of jeeps lining up in front of 24th street

The jeep was able to load a couple more passengers but some passengers especially an old man in front of me was complaining that the driver is getting a bit longer than usual; I checked the time again it was wasting another 2 to 3 minutes of time...

the jeep was able to pickup a few passengers A father-daughter tandem and a cute elementary schoolgirl-looking NOHS Schoolgirl..

Lap 3 Bangga Ramos- LCC Main gate

official lap time: 8:02:88

I decided to cut short of San Sebastian cathedral and decided to use the LCC Main gate to become the lap point

when the jeep arrived in ramos the traffic volume was already heavy, the streets near 21st Lacson to Ramos was already jammed by almost all vehicles of all kinds..

here's another shot of  that cute schoolgirl from NOHS.. she was the only passenger the jeepney got while waiting at 24th Lacson Street... well she went down in front of Rizal Elementary school 
 Again the traffic situation from 21st street going down to Capitol avenue was moderate, meaning the driver can accelerate but at times it cannot do it strait through because of traffic and some few passenger going down and coming up..

coming up front of 888 chinatown square; here the jeep stayed a couple of more minutes, still eating more precious time for the passengers..
well if you are not in a hurry like what I was during this time, you could appreciate it but some other people might be wanning to get the jeep faster because of very important appointments well it depends on the passenger but not the driver..

Lap 4: LCC - Awing

Official lap time: 6:27:95

while going down to LCCB, the jeep encountered a small jam between 2 crossing vehicles which lasted for 1 to 2 minutes, this so happened made some passengers furious
The pic which I got was the moment when the jam clears up..
by the time we just got a few yards away from the main lcc gate, the jeep dropped off some passengers near san sebastian-capitol road crossing which has consumed a minute or so..

The jeep picked up a few passengers near plaza mart but the one that ate more precious minutes are some straight through waiting..

It took a while or so it waited near lopues san sebastain to pickup some passengers but instead the driver bought some lights...

I've reached my destination and went down a few meters from here..

well there goes the jeep and I officially stop the time...
a 27 minutes is good enough for that kind of scenario where there are most jams and traffic well to say still the RJG jeepney and its similar designs still qualify to that 30 minutes attack time as expected from it by most commuters during moderate traffic..

Official Time RJG Jeepney: 27:59:82

but well; some things you might sum up:

- the jeep was able to get more passengers
- down time was experienced due to some traffic encountered along the route, 
- the jeep was able to accelerate as expected at certain parts of the route, but not all of the time..

but still remember this certain factor when gaging a jeepney's route efficiency:

- driver's experience and skills
- jeepney's dimension, spec and powerplant
- road and traffic conditions
- passenger amount
- assessed situation of the drive hour (termed as "libut" by drivers) 

well that's it till the next time attack competition! will the RJG still prevail?? let's find out..

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