Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Are you ready for the new canter FE series??

Oh anu ba? ready ka na bala makita ini mangin is ka jeepney

On April this year mitsubihi motors philippines (MMPI) has announced its start its serial production of the canter FE series, in which the technology from japan it carries is almost new to us, as we know our recent models being used by jeepney fabricators include this models:

The new canter FE series is redesigned in 2007 in order to accommodate the stricter regulations in Japan and Europe in accordance with Euro-3 and LEV-7 emissions compliance which took effect since 2008 in japan.
Unlike the earlier canters, the FE has a larger park light diameter and has LED blinkers and HID headlights

The new FE canter will become one of the negros jeepney operators most favorite selection for new fabrications and new units. boasting of new features, and safety features not yet offered by other manufacturers, one more the Isuzu's latest elf models are still being distributed in seclusion by Isuzu philippines meaning the hexapod models are still being sold secludedly to interested individuals and companies. alternately Mitsubishi has has known the recent economic problem and has down rated the canter to Euro-2 complaint, (most ASEAN countries are under Euro-2 emissions). but all features in safety, accessories and features are retained, but the engine has been down rated. here is a small explanation of differences between surplus and MMPI FE canters 

new features include:

 Rigid cab
 The doorwell structural frame, side door beam, reinforced cab floor, and box frame provide for a rigid cab structure that protects all riders in case of a collision.

Passenger-side cab tilting
The cab tilt lever is located on the passenger side.
Roadside tilting can be done in safety on the side opposite traffic.

Direct power cylinder clutch
The FE85 and FG83 come standard with a direct power cylinder clutch that makes clutch work easier while also enhancing durability.

Optimized pedal positions
Pedal work is relaxed and orderly because of the minimal height difference between accelerator and brake pedals. The short-stroke clutch pedal accentuates the experience.

The in-dash shift lever, one of the few unique features of the FE canter which makes it a more roomy truck
because of the in-dash shift lever location,  the FE can give more legroom and easier roadside maneuvering to the right, minimizing road accidents combined with the passenger side cab tilter, boosting the FE's safety potential.
In addition to this, the all new Fuso Canter’s cab space ranks among the leaders in its class in providing driver and passenger comfort. It was designed with the driver’s perspective in mind and likewise the reliability, functionality, efficiency, safety and comfort of this workhorse, therefore providing features that made it the ideal truck. Switches and levers are ergonomically arranged to provide driver with easy access and operation. Frequently used functions are integrated in one multifunction switch lever.

A Canter FE Custom Model and its new features for Japanese models

Its cab doors swing out to a wide 950mm creating sufficient space for easy ingress/egress of both driver and passengers. Also,  On top of these features, the Fuso Canter is also simple and easy to maintain. Door handles, steps and maintenance points are protected from the effects of dirt. The exhaust brake increases the brake power, reduces the brake pads and discs wear and cost per kilometer. Resistant materials, sturdy seat covers and floor covering increases the durability and longevity of the vehicle components. A tough worker with smooth riding summarizes these features.

Japanese canters are installed with advanced diesel engines using state of the art technologies such as VGT, PCV, EGR and CRdi in order to pass and operate in strict regulations,

Japanese engines include 4M40, 4M42, and 4M50.

variable geometry turbo with intercooling

Exhaust Gas Recirculation

Positive Crankcase Ventilation

Diesel Particulate Filter

it is said some surplus dealers in the Philippines who started to sell Canter FE's also down rated the engines of their stocks in order to  make it more compatible with recently available models using 4D33,34,33KC engines.

Philippine FE canter engines

The all-new Canter is now powered by new Euro 2 engines which are powerful yet fuel efficient and compliant to government emission regulations. Engines for Philippine FE Canters assembled by MMPI  powered by turbocharged intercooled 4D34-2AT5 diesel engine for the FE71 and FE83 while the FE85 is powered by 4D34-2AT4 diesel engine. The engines for the FE71 and FE83 models are able to produce a maximum power of 108hp/2,900rpm and maximum torque of 275 N-m/1,600rpm. FE85’s maximum power is 134hp/2,900rpm and maximum torque of 370 N-m/1,600rpm. 

The Fuso Canter FE is available at all authorized Mitsubishi Motors dealers nationwide. Suggested retail price: FE71 4-wheeler is P1,120,000; FE83 6-wheeler is P1,255,000 and FE85 6-wheeler is P1,355,000. Recent surplus FE models range from P700,000 to P850,000 and prices may reduce the following years.

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