Friday, May 14, 2010

review on designs of iloilo jeepneys

Here we will review the aspects of design of iloilo jeepneys

during the 1990's Iloilo jeep fabricators made a breakthrough among all makes and makers of jeepneys around the philippines that even to the point their works are seen in the shores of negros and or even being fabricated here,

A Toyota fortuner jeepney

Aspects of design:

Iloilo Uniqueness - the city is known to be the center of visayas and seat of power of the region 6, (Negros Occidental, Panay and Guimaras) well being one of the largest city, traffic in iloilo is more acceptabe than that of bacolod, most fabricators want to make signatures among their works, as unique and first ever and only in iloilo this jeeps have become a symbol of iloilo and uniqueness of Panay illongos.

Sleek, modern and Trendy - Unlike its Manila, Cebu and Negros cousins, iloilo jeeps are based on trends of sleekness, modernity and trends in the recent automotive sphere in the country, most fabricators get to fabricate this OEM style fronts from scratch sheetmetal and steel chassis and a few OEM Japanese parts

Iuszu Dmax jeepney

Elements which are the main assets of iloilo jeeps are:

OEM Looks - most iloilo jeeps have front hoods and grills designed from current models of SUV's, Pickups and cars on the market, this includes also non-popular and older models of japanese manufacturers but most iloilo jeeps are based from japanese manufacturers.

Low Chassis Height - the low chassis height is one of the big advantages of the iloilo jeepneys, attributing to this is low chassis height is easy passenger access and more faster loading time.

Stretched chassis - stretched chassis means more capacity and more capacity means more passengers and more income for the operators, its a matter of keen understanding of commerce.

Overpowering - overpowering is another element of iloilo jeepneys are known, engines installed are either balanced or maxed out to the chassis design but with a tolerance that the jeep does not break apart from the overpower of the engines.

Minimalist Concept - unlike manila and similar jeepney versions, iloilo jeeps tend to use less chrome and stainless steel as to compared to manila jeeps

Nissan frontier jeepney
 Design Elements:

Unitary- monocoque design-  Most iloilo jeep fabrications use unitary designs as this is more saying iloilo is really a very wealthy region, unlike cebu and negros design tending to fabricate only the passenger compartment from scratch while the front is either a surplus cab,

factory cars - almost all iloilo designs use japanese car, pickup, suv components to build it up, due to the very creative minds of panay illongos,  year after year new designs come out, using surplus and spare components.

large SUV rims - most iloilo jeeps use factory oem and or custom stainless steel rims with sleek designs, most use 16Rx12, and even slick SUV tires if the owner or builder prefers, contributing to the jeep's modern innovative look.

Japanese made cars being made by fabricators include:

Isuzu TF pickups

Toyota automobiles such this Vios

Nissan Pickups

Mitsubishi Pickups

7th generation Isuzu automobiles such as Dmax, Alterra, and crosswind
and many more..

well said.. comrades I hope now you have short aspect and concept on iloilo jeepney designs


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