Wednesday, February 3, 2010

jeepney to ferry transport

A Banago Jeepney full of ferry passengers ready to go to the banago port, because of fleet downsizing of the top people carrier, Negros Navigation, some jeepneys operating in the Banago-Libertad Route have took over the once dominated by NN shuttle buses.

The Jeepneys in Banago are experiencing a good progress as of now, Negros Navigation, once used a fleet of shuttle buses to transport their passengers from the port to the local bus and jeep terminals and from these places to the port. but because of a terrible fiscal problem encountered by the company by the early 2000's, forced them to reduce their fleet not only on their ships but also on their rigid shuttle bus fleet which was once the primary carrier of off-loaded passengers from their ports to the city hearts. as of now, only one shuttle bus operates here in bacolod.  from their two terminals i the north and the south only one bus operates. because of the large volume of Passengers flocking to ride NN's budget friendly vessels, the Management decided to let a very experienced association of drivers called BASDA, to help in moving passengers from these terminals to the Bango Port. 

A Jeepney driver loads a passenger's luggage a top his  Jeep 
the usual fare from these passenger terminal to the Banago Port is 30 pesos per passenger baggage included, these jeepneys move out as soon they have sufficiently seated enough passengers in their jeeps. there are also options for those who wants to have themselves bought from Bangao port to their homes, but you have to double the fare, off-loaded passengers must pay 40 pesos plus baggage. 

well here are some more pics of their operations, usually this happens only when a vessel of  NN arrives at their port in Banago.

The Driver Clambers down his jeepney, after loading all of the passenger's lugggage.

With this unit all full of passengers, it will start to go down from this passenger terminal to the bango port, while another empty jeep will load those passengers who were not able ride this unit, the yellow porter at the background will be the next .


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