Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Community Shuttle - Nyala Tour's answer to the new face of Public transport

Meet the negros jeepney of the future; the community shuttle a modified hyundai porter H100 FB, stickered with its routes displaying which plys the regular routes of Silay - Bacolod and has access to the silay airport as an extension route, this one of a kind innovation in  public transport is already attracting passengers along the national north route.. 

jeez sorry... my camera had a bad focusing, but this is how one of the two units the nyala tours has deployed here in negros, notice the name "Nyala tours" in front, atop the right side of the windshield, this hyundai H100 porters are now ones that are representing the new wave of jeepneys that may someday replace jeepneys today.

dubbed the "community shuttle" by nyala tours inc, a very successful vehicle rental service provider here in negros and panay, they decided to start a jeepney route with a revolutionary idea of using air conditioned utility vehicles as a medium of transport.  this modified hyundai porters are originally FB type models and have been modified with more powerful air conditioning systems provided by Sanden, and as of now is the Only air conditioned jeepneys plying the roads of bacolod and negros. as of now the units are attracting a large number of passengers from the route. if your a regular passenger who has enough to ride this units, go settle for it, but if your budget-conscious commuter better yet ride the ordinary jeeps, I recommend the shuttle for those who go around silay and bacolod at often occasions, its a good  unit to ride.

this is how the inside of the community shuttle looks like, seats and equipments are all factory OEM Hyundai, there is the usual driver and conductor as found in ordinary inter-city jeeps, but the environment is more friendly, with air conditioning and very nice stereo and sounds, and more better protection from the rain. 

well, to make sure you don't get the "pasmo", after arriving in your destination as soon as you get off the community shuttle, try to rest for a while of just a minute or two, before transferring to ordinary jeeps to help your body temperature and the environment equalize to the more ordinary conditions ;) 

Issues about the community shuttle:    

because its air conditioned the community shuttle is now attracting passengers from mid classes especially those who work in offices, students (in the middle class) and even worthwhile travelers...  with a fare difference of only 1 to 2 pesos from the regular P13  offered by the other silay jeeps. many see this as a way to get to your destination clean and comfortable. many regular silay jeepney operators have made an issue that these units are colorums and are not eligible to operate, but silay mayor "Oti" Montellibano proved to them that Nyala's new shuttles are elegible to operate and they have operating franchises. so to settle everyone on this issue, Nyala Tours was only to authorized to deploy only 10 Porter H100 units, in order not to stir-up more issues.

A Nyala community shuttle(behind the lynx) running fast in front of CHMSC.

How they operate:

The shuttles work and operate like your ordinary inter-city jeepney, it has conductor who closes and opens the rear door of the passenger compartment and takes charge of the fares. however they have the tendency to be occupied and or leased by interested individuals if the price is right. and there will be times these community shuttles will wait for passengers in the silay airport. somewhat this "new wave jeepneys " operate like the jeepneys in Banago Port  which pick passengers from the port and drops them in downtown and vice-versa. remeber if there is a really big arrival at the silay airport, expect these units will not be around the highway as they will wait for passengers in the airport...

to know more about the Porter H100 take a look at it here: Porter H100

for more info better yet contact nyala tours @ Mobile: 0918-9158073 / 0920-9003784 
Tel/Fax: (034) 433-1049 / (034) 434-4589

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