Sunday, January 24, 2010

RJG Gustillo Sells franchise and jeepneys

it may look like an RJG; hey but check out the side who owns the jeep now...

you heard it right! yes RJG and Gustillo Lines are already feeling the economic pressure and the fierce competion in the bacolod public transport sector, and with the many problems of large fleets , the owners of RJG and Gustillo lines are now on the verge of losing their income on many factors among techncial, financial and co-jeep competitions. and in order to overcome this they decided to reduce their fleet size and sell some franchises and units such as in the shopping libertad and bata libertad route, I don't have any contacts on how and where they sell this items, but according to some jeepney operators, there were already so many concluded contracts in which gustillo lines sold units and route franchises.balinas lines is one example; they bought numerous units (unconfirmed number) from RJG. Gustillo lines will now focus on Fabrication of the same makes and models they used.

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