Thursday, January 21, 2010

New jeepney route gains interest on operators

by the time I published this post; the new route just implemented a year ago,
government center-bangga pepsi has already about 20 plus operators  and
around 35 jeepneys are already registered.

with the prior to the construction of the new bacolod government center in homesite,
the city of bacolod implemented 2 new routes in order to directly service the community
from the north and from the south, the ones proposed were bangga pepsi-goverment center,
and the other one was bangga cegasco-government center;

although there are no positive indications that there will be a bangga cegasco-gov't. center route,
however the bangga pepsi-gov't. center route was deployed and started  service somewhere in the
first months of 2008, only one operator has purchased a franchise, yelo lines, but as of the
middle of 2009, there were about 18 operators, mostly 1 jeepney not in fleeted form started
to share the route yelo lines had.

today, the route trudges the full length of the homesite-bata circumferential road area and more
passengers take advantage of the new route, mainly workers and students who live in the eastern part of bacolod. well according to LTFRB or the land transportation franchisng and regulatory board;
they still have more slots open for interested individuals who want to buy this route franchise as of now.

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