Tuesday, March 30, 2010

jeepney time attack part 1 - RJG 7AM weekends

A time attack is another term for time trial. The term is commonly used in Japan for individual time trial events for motor vehicles that involves a vehicle running around the circuit in lieu of a qualifying lap and the term is widely adopted outside the country for tuner event and media.

we've done some lap timing of some of the most popular jeeepneys around town mostly the:



benchmark of the time attack trial that I made requires the jeeps never pulses down the minimum of 30 minutes during clear traffic, 45 minutes for moderate traffic and 2 hours in heavy traffic, by doing this as a basis of the real winner for the bacolod street attack time trial as we name it 

we took our cellphones and used our stopwatch applications to crackdown the time  this jeepneys can strut out during the following situations:
normally we used the bata-libertad route for this leg, 

- Bacolod Traffic at 7AM-8AM weekends

-Bacolod Traffic at 3PM - 5PM weekends

- Bacolod Traffic at 8AM-10AM weekdays

- Bacolod Traffic at 10AM-12 Noon weekdays

- Bacolod Traffic at 1PM - 3PM weekdays

-Bacolod Traffic at 3PM - 5PM weekdays

-Bacolod Traffic at 5pm - onwards weekdays

we will post the series of time attack values so you guys can know who's the fastest around town,  but first lets start with the weekends scenario with an RJG jeepney; 

current specs and advanced timed stats:
make: local
engine: Isuzu 4BG1 (RJG Standard), chrome bore lining 1800-2000cc, rotary distributor type injection pump
route: bata-libertad
acceleration-droop time: 4-5 seconds (depending on the driver's skills )
acceleration re-gain time: 3-5 seconds (depending on the driver's skills )
 destination: 86D San Juan street, (downtown)

Lap 1: bannga marapara to lopues mandalagan
official lap time: 03:01.84 mins
 the RJG did not took some passengers at this stretch, it took off with 2-4 passengers including me and a couple of schoolgirls and some seniors,  we reached lopues mandalagan at minimum serious time...

Lap 2: Lopues mandalagn to ramos diversified (bangga ramos) to 18th strret lacson.
official lap time: 7:13.04 mins
due to kick in of a numerous passengers from lopues mandalagn, we took a whole bunch from a newly dropped off inter-city jeep mainly a silay bacolod, which made the time to be wasted, and at the same time the schoolgirls  were dropped at 18th street lacson, so far among the laps these was the longest time on the record.

Lap 3: 18th Street lacson to San Sebastian cathedral
official lap time: 02:17.31 mins
because there was no passengers to pick up during these course of the lap, the driver went to overdrive!!

bishop palace at left near the san sebastian cathedral, took this shot right after the jeep cleared the trafficked area of the cathedral

Lap 4: San Sebastian cathedral to San Juan Street:
official lap time: 03:47.84 mins
at the cathedral, the seniors went down, but also because it was palm sunday we had a hard time to get through there was light to moderate traffic around the San Sebastian cathedral which contributed to wasting the precious time, went down the RJG and stopped the clocked...

Official Time RJG Jeepney: 00:14:25.02

the original value was 13:20.02 mins, but because of the slight deviation I had when a started the stopwatch at the inexact place, I added additional 1 minute on the actual value, still it is under the 30 minute time attack value which means the RJG jeeps qualifies for the weekend 7AM time in the light traffic time attack category, but well; remember some things about this:

- the jeep had a few passengers
- it was fast approaching its route, 
- traffic was experienced lightly at a certain lap point

 bases of a fast jeepeney includes the ff:
- driver's experience and skills
- jeepney's dimension, spec and powerplant
- road and traffic conditions
- passenger amount
- assessed situation of the drive hour (termed as "libut" by drivers) 

well that's it, we will another one with a hyundai porter or a mitsubishi L300, furthermore we will do time attack trials with different jeeps in different routes, 

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