Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Mitsubishi L300FB Exceed

This model of the L300FB is seems to be a specialized model intended for large capacity passenger transport,  seems the only upgrade to the 2010 model seems to be just a redesigned front grille, and facial upgrades, and higher seating capacity.

An L300 FB exceed parked in front of a kindergarten school near CSA-B 
The L300FB exceed without aircon costs about P652,000(wow! a foton gordox of the same size costs half of this; and even a jingbei Lin Qi 2 ton 6x4 truck sells at the same price!) and is powered by the same Mitsubishi 4D55 diesel engine it has as years ago, it seems there are only small developments in terms on the proposed PUV development scheme, and now there are only a few automotive manufacturers participating in this program, and i've seen lately chinese vehicles are getting popular. Anyways if it could be possible their willl be spare grilles of the same design showing up this year in the local parts market, i'll try persuading some owners to look at this as a good replacement to their old L300 design grilles...

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